Second season of 13 Reasons Why on netflix

Why you should see the second season of 13 Reasons Why

When a series makes its debut and turns out to be a great success among adults and young people, the only thing everyone is asking for is to continue the story and when the plot itself alludes to it continues, that is when expectations only increase over new series. Series like The Walking Dead, 3%, among many others make the head of those who love very much to see a series that holds you and captivates you from beginning to end, and was thus with the first season of 13 Reasons Why, a series that portrays a old reality rather more current than the vast majority of young people and why not affirm that children also go through the so-called "Bullying."

So much so that the fans asked that the second season arrived to reveal even more what happened to the young woman who started her own life amid so much pressure suffered by her own friends and colleagues. The second series 13 Reasons Why had its premiere on Netflix and gradually surprised the fans, however during the show episodes is notable the flaws in the midst of the plot and the recordings, which have been commented by the audience that accompanies and see every detail of the scene. The first season made everyone get stuck with the 13 tapes left by Hanna Baker before she died, her narrative at any given time was the show's big show. Already in the second season, there is no longer the 13 tapes and nor the narrative of the young woman, but to enter in scene what happens after his death.

What is noticeable is that the problems were not only social, but also emotional, and this time for the 13 episodes a new character comes up telling new paths. But what draws attention is that it will have some very monstrous scenes, Hanna will make some appearances in spirit for whom he loved, Clay tries to even go his life dating to Skye that, by the way, also has emotional problems. In addition to this fact that addresses the teen universe, is the character Jessica, who is abused and the scene in question was widely criticized by the media, but the creators of the series strongly defend it. The series 13 Reasons Why in its second season had its official debut on May 18, and follows in the grid of the catalog of Netflix. According to some estimates, it will possibly have the third season of the series, but it has not yet been defined when the team enters the scene for the new production.

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